Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My dieffenbachia leaves appear to get brown tips at the end. Am I watering it too much?

The leaves on this new bush are beautiful. I started it from a previous posted question recommendation of taking a cutting of the stalk and rooting it in water. These cuttings have been very successful yet the new plants are getting brown tips.

I suspect I am watering it too much but then again maybe I am not watering it enough? That's my dilemna and my story and I'm sticking to it!

My dieffenbachia leaves appear to get brown tips at the end. Am I watering it too much?
When you water, are you using tap water? If it is cold, it can shock the plant and make the tips of the leaves turn brown.

Either let your water warm up or let the water sit out at room temperature for a while before watering. Hope this helps.
Reply:In my experience with house plants, when they get brown tips on the leaves that is salt burn. House plants must drain. When watering, try to take the plant to the sink and water thoroughly. Let drain before taking back to saucer. DRAINAGE is key. There are salts in our water. If the plant doesn't drain, it can take up the water again and retain the salt resulting in burn.

Good luck :-)
Reply:I find that my dieffenbachia get brown on the tips from lack of watering.
Reply:do what just me says and dont do it again natural is pure learn to take care of what you have.
Reply:Usually happens if the air is too dry...and give them plenty of water, but it only takes one dry day to wither the points on these plants. These plants are tropical, and like lots of humidity.
Reply:it can be both too much or too little.... thats what my book says
Reply:This is the new ones that are getting brown? This is because the roots have not formed. they take a very long time to form, I don't know how often you are watering them, but as the roots have not come yet? make sure you water close to the stem. Diffenbachias like to be watered fully then let dry before watering them again. They also do not like wind or too much sun, especially direct sun. Hope this helps. The next leaves that come in should be good, as the roots will have come in, and often when new leaves come in the oldest ones start to yellow and decay.
Reply:If you are using your house tap water - Stop doing so. Many plants will get brown tips from the chemicals in home water. You must let your tap water sit overnight and when using do not use the lower few inches, and be sure not to disturb the water while using. The chemicals will settle to the bottom overnight. A good way to tell is to make ice cubes from your tap water, then place them in a glass to melt and look for residue on the bottom of the glass. The person who mentioned salt is right on target. The plant that suffers most from tap water is the Spider Plant, in a hanging basket. Most brown tipping is caused from the Chlorine in your tap water. If you have a water softening system, the problem gets worse.
Reply:It's not getting enough water. You can trim the brown off the ends with a pair of scissors.
Reply:Usually caused by not watering, enough, and overcrowding.

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